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UVS Med Lab is the sister concern of Royal Sapphire Remedies. This company name Royal Sapphire Remedies got instituted in the year 1995 with an endeavor to make available comprehensive health care variety in country name India. To live up to this aim, the UVS Med Lab was founded in 2016 as a general division.

From the time when it set out in motion, the UVS draws a bead on to become customer-centric and also developing by means of the jet pump speed in the Indian markets as well as international market. It becomes committed towards a better and more contented world; we make every effort to endow with easy to get to and low-cost healthcare. Our Total Quality Management system holds fast to cGMP regulation and we try to accomplish and present the most excellent quality standards in the industry. Moreover, the most exclusive assets and accomplishments are for all time leaning towards budding new and distinguishing scientific solutions all the way through innovative products projected to perk up the gratification levels (Mitchell & Haroun, 2011).

We have major four core values and we never negotiate with them :

Team Spirit
Customer Orientation
  • Nutritions
  • Proteins
  • Multi Vitamin
  • Antioxidants
  • Minerals

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our vision:

To make available broad range of health and personal care product at superlative price to every division of society in whole world (Mitchell & Haroun, 2011).

our mission :

To become market leader in common section of medicines and to produce a large variety medicines in every possible area.

our goal :

Start on with 300 product contained by first of foundation.

Core Values :

We have major four core values and we never negotiate with them. First is Superiority, Second is Team Spirit, third is Customer orientation and the last is Integrity.

About UVS MedLab

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At the part of the UVS it very much aims to give support to the community in contributing towards a healthy life through two of the equivalent objectives: developing, building up and marketing medicines, and handing over reasonably priced and approachable medication that gratifies with the vital medical needs.

It can also be actively seen that most people dreaming of transformation, but not all have the potency of confidence to bring forth change to an authenticity. This set of two not only stargazed, but also has experienced them as they made it accurate. It is also very much pretended into Healthcare section but branched out into Wellness and Personal Care straight up and that surprised each one with their growth steps. In the contemporary day, the age of healthcare consumerism seems to be the place where in which more than a few companies are more and more pointing their products and services towards the patients, UVS Healthcare Limited sits down on a well thought-of position and that too in the record of top industry players. UVS recognized to be a groundbreaker name in the field of pharmaceuticals, wellness and personal care solutions. This is long-familiar for superiority, knowledge, and superiority with regards to the deliverance of better-quality products and services. At the same time, UVS proceeds to introduce & re-excogitate itself founded on the transferring demands of the target market.

Passion for living!

We fight with the disease along with you!

UVS was embarked on with a self-effacing product range. In the present day, for the sake of gaining credit it has to understand that there comes out to be hundreds of life saving and life changing products, and one can very well make out that there is a track record of augmentation & accomplishment traversing over a decade. The success is determined with a balanced assimilation of sky-scraping quality healthcare & personal care products, and an extremely experienced & prompted team. One can also effectively understand that the thorough research work, above all the line fabrication and strong allocation has located UVS on the passageway of success & made it proficient enough to cut up a niche at national & international level. In present scenario, its products are well consented by healthcare professionals, patients, beauty professionals and consumers crossways geographies.

Another important fact is that the Data gathered up through customer opinion, paired with vast experience that has facilitated UVS to ascertain the instantaneous needs and desires of the target consumers. The detailed learning of these firm estimates and its accepting has made UVS devoted to the deliverance of first-rate products to patients and consumers, and a key component of the organization’s mission & vision.

Quality management turns up as the key inventiveness & the company sticks to the uncompromising checkouts in line to the precondition of the directed market. UVS has invariably been, and extends to hang about consecrated to make certain that each fabricated and disseminated product conforms to with, and adjusts over its shelf life to, the consented standards of superiority, wholesomeness, effectiveness & wellbeing. With the aim of outperforming on the conduit of renown and uniqueness, UVS group will keep on dreaming gigantic, work on its mission and vision, and millions of customers will relish the successful outcomes.